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Yes, Salt Roofing operates under license number CRC056662. As a homeowner, it is extremely important for you to request a copy of the license and the insurance of any contractor that is performing services for you. Make sure to check the expiration date when you receive the copies.

A roofing contractor will refer to the size of your roof by the number of roofing squares. This number does not coincide with the square footage of the house because of factors such as the pitch of the roof and the calculated waste of cutting the shingles. A square of shingle is a 10 ft x 10 ft area and, depending on the manufacturer and quality of shingle, it typically has three bundles of shingles per square.

  1. Underlayment
  2. Edge protection
  3. Valley membrane
  4. Flashing, vents and pipe covers
  5. Shingle material
  6. Ventilation
  7. Starter shingles and ridge caps

Each insurance company has its own policy requirements. Many carriers require roof replacement once it reaches a certain age, prior to the renewal of the policy.

At Salt Roofing, a typical shingle roof can be completed in one to three days once we obtain the proper permitting. Of course, there are always variables, such as inspection requirements and weather delays, that can impact the amount of time it takes to complete a project. We work as fast and as safely as possible!

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