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Deciding the appropriate roofing material for your property is a crucial decision. Considering the significant impacts a roof has on your property’s aesthetic, structure, and safety, considering various roofing materials ensures you select the best option.

Business owners and homeowners getting a new roof installed should consider metal roofs. Despite the popularity of tile and shingles, a metal roof offers benefits beyond other roofing materials.

Professionals from Salt Roofing can install and replace your commercial or residential metal roof. A roofing contractor from Salt Roofing provides guidance and quality services throughout the entire process.

Call a fully licensed expert from Salt Roofing to get metal roofing installed on your Leesburg, Florida, house or business today.

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What is a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs offer ideal protection and aesthetics for all properties. While metal roofing may not be your first consideration during construction, they may offer the lowest cost solution for your property’s roofing.

Manufacturers and roofing professionals typically install metal roofing in sheets made from steel alloys, copper, or other metals. As opposed to the layered look of tile and shingle roofs, metal roofs create a smoother and cleaner aesthetic for your home.

Hot, humid states like Florida can make roof maintenance tricky. However, metal roofs require lower maintenance than other materials and prevent water damage.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing in Leesburg, FL

While considering metal roofing, you might not realize the many benefits of this material. From functional to aesthetic benefits, metal roofing could be your best option.

Read more about the benefits of this roofing material below.

Increased Durability

Roofs are the main protective feature for your property. Their durability matters.

As the lightest and most durable roofing available, experts can replace roofs on both old and new properties with metal roofing. This roofing also offers the most significant leak protection. Especially for rainy areas, consider metal roofing to protect your property.

Longer Lifespan

Shingles and tiles can easily break and crack. Over time, it's not unlikely that these materials' looks also start to decline.

Metal roofs offer the greatest life expectancy of any roof. With a typical lifespan of about 30-70 years, your metal roof could outlast the rest of your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Roofs play a major role determining a home's energy efficiency. Since outdoor temperatures can seep through certain materials, your HVAC system might work harder to achieve the same results.

Metal roofing provides up to 50% additional resistance to sunlight and heat. In Florida, this feature can significantly increase your home's energy efficiency. As a result, you can expect a lower monthly utility cost.

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Metal roofing is the cheapest available material that still offers unbeatable durability, protection, and style. Avoid overspending on your new roof by opting for metal roofing.

Increased Aesthetic Versatility

Since manufacturers create metal sheets from steel alloys, there are few limitations on the cuts and colors available for this roofing. Choosing metal roofing provides complete design control for your property's roof.

Roofing Services We Offer for Metal Roofs

Despite their advantages over other roofs, metal roofs still require maintenance to maximize their life. Our comprehensive maintenance and service offerings will keep your metal roof in top condition throughout its lifespan.

Our most popular metal roofing service offerings include:

Roof Installation

Our roofing technicians at Salt Roofing have the licensing and training to complete any roofing project. Hire our experts during construction to integrate your home's new metal roofing. We can also replace and refurbish roofs after installing them.

Roof Repair

When natural wear and tear or extreme weather damages your roof, call Salt Roofing for repairs. We train our experts in repair work for every material and style of roof. Call today to fix any roofing issue.

Roof Replacement

After many years living in the same home or occupying the same office, it's likely that your property's roof will require replacement. Salt Roofing experts can guide you through the renovation and restore your property's main protective feature.

Roof Inspection

Before performing any maintenance on your roofing, experts inspect it to identify all the problems at hand. Call for an inspection after any potentially damaging events.

Florida roofing jobs that speak for themselves

Diann Bosse
Diann Bosse
February 16, 2023
Salt Roofing put on a new roof for us and did a wonderful job. We have received several comments from neighbors on how nice it looks. The whole process from beginning to end was made much easier then we expected due to the person we dealt with. Her name was Amanda and she was exceptional. She kept us so well informed and had answers for all our questions. We were very impressed with her and the way she handled all aspects of the job. The job crew were very respectful and kept the place very well cleaned up. We would recommend Salt Roofing.
Mahogany Black
Mahogany Black
January 4, 2023
Great company and they do good work.
Donna Gene
Donna Gene
December 28, 2022
Our first contact with Salt Roofing was Miguel. He was super nice and incredibly easy to work with. The crew was fantastic as well making sure that the yard was cleaned up afterward. Even Amanda who is in the office was a pleasure. I highly recommend Salt Roofing for all your roofing services.
Cheryl Bunnell
Cheryl Bunnell
December 27, 2022
They respond quickly and make every effort to accommodate within hours when other roofers take weeks. Jason was polite and professional. Explained what my issue was, ordered the parts needed and repaired my roof. Won’t ever use any other company and tell everyone I know if they have issues with their roof to call them and ask for Jason.
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown
November 22, 2022
During the whole process from purchasing, installation and clean-up, Dave was completely involved and ensured the work was done promptly and professionally. Dave kept me informed of the progress and ensured the work was finalized and clean-up was properly done. I would definitely recommend using Salt Roofing to replace or repair your roof.
Route 14 Auto Parts
Route 14 Auto Parts
November 11, 2022
Salt roofing did an excellent job on our condo roof. They are neat, clean and professional. Very organized. Amanda answered all our questions and coordinated the project with 6 different unit owners. Our building couldn't look better. The roof is beautiful.
Deana Fisher
Deana Fisher
November 5, 2022
Salt did a great job for us. Miguel was very helpful and was tireless when it came to all of our questions about the process. Salt was very timely and the roof looks great!
Toni Galvan
Toni Galvan
November 2, 2022
Miguel Ortiz and his crew did an exceptional job! He took the time to explain the options, the process and all of our questions as well as keeping us informed along the way. Thank you to Amanda in the office also. The roof looks amazing!
Bradley C. Laing
Bradley C. Laing
November 2, 2022
Salt Roofing did a great job for us. They stripped and reinstalled our roof in 2 days. Great crew, kept us informed all along the way. Cleaned up great, and the house looks great. Thanks Miguel

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Financing Your Residential Roofing Job

At Salt Roofing, we offer professional repairs and new roof installation at an affordable price. Families struggling to pay for metal, tile, or shingle roofs, can use our payment plans with affordable installments to cover the cost over long periods. Choose between one, five, and ten-year plans to fund your new roof.

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